John Wesley’s Monday Morning Prayer for Families

Wesley’s written prayer for families for Monday Morning. John wrote morning and evening prayers for families, I am offering paraphrases to my Family Ministry class

We humble ourselves, Lord of heaven and earth, before Your glorious majesty. We acknowledge Your eternal power, wisdom, goodness, and truth. We wish to give You sincere thanks for all the good things You pour upon us; most of all Your inestimable love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We ask Your tender mercies in the forgiveness of all our sins, where we have offended You in thought, word, or deed. We desire to be truly sorry for all our misbehavior and completely renounce whatever is against Your will. We desire to devote our whole lives: body, soul, and spirit, to You. And, since You are the one that inspires these desires, always provide grace so we might every day, with whole hearts, give ourselves to Your service.

We desire to be as holy and pure as our blessed Lord was. We trust You will fulfill all the gracious promises Jesus made to us. Let those promises be more important than being wealthy, and let them be the comfort and joy of our hearts. We ask nothing but that we live and receive this life as servants according to Jesus’ word.

You have mercifully sustained us this last night, bless You for Your continuing goodness. In same way receive us into Your protection for this day. Guide and assist all our thoughts, words and actions. May we be willing to both do… and endure… what You provide while we wait for the Lord Jesus Christ’ eternal love.

Bless You for Your goodness; which did not allow us to wander without guidance after the foolish desires of our own hearts. Instead, you have clearly shown us where our happiness lies. May we thankfully receive those holy words that teach us the blessedness of humility, of sorrowful longing for you, of meekness and gentleness, of compassion and purity of heart, as well as of doing good to all and patiently enduring hardship for doing the will of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May we always be counted with the blessed souls. May we ever feel happy in having the Kingdom of God within us, in experiencing the well-being of the Holy One, in being filled with the fruits of righteousness, in being children of the Lord, and, above all, in seeing You, our God. Help us to be more and more filled with Your love. May we also be full of continual prayers and praises to You, the Father of mercy, and God of all comfort, in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

You know we also desire the good of all humanity, especially all Christian people. May all Christians walk worthy of the gospel and live together in unity and Christian love. To that end we pray that all Christian leaders, national and local, might be wise, spiritual, just, and merciful. May these leaders work hard so that their citizens may lead peaceful lives in all godliness, and in honest living. May even our most national leadership be blessed with a spiritual, quiet, lengthy and prosperous administration. May all those in authority under them, regardless of position, seek to provide for the poor and needy and relieve everyone who is in misery. Bless those who watch over our spiritual lives, Please make their efforts successful and give us grace to follow their godly advice and to hold them in the highest regard in love for their work (1 Thess. 5:13). We ask the same blessings for our friends, family relations and acquaintances that we may all live in perfect love and peace together. May we rejoice together at the great day the Lord Jesus’ return, in whose holy words we sum up all our desires as we pray:

“Our Father

Which art in heaven

Hallowed Be Your Name

Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us,

And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil

For yours is the Kingdom, power, and glory forever


About Dean G. Blevins

Dr. Dean G. Blevins currently serves as Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Discipleship at Nazarene Theological Seminary. An ordained elder, Dean has ministered in diverse settings and currently also serves at the USA Regional Education Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene. A prolific author, Dr. Blevins recently co-wrote the textbook Discovering Discipleship and edits Didache: Faithful Teaching, a journal for Wesleyan Education.
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