What Next?

Farah closed with a discussion on readings and resources to continue research


The Society for Neuroscience http://www.sfn.org (some meetings include up to 35,000 participants) also includes outreach resources for educators including brain awareness week or brain week (with the Dana Foundation)

Cognitive Neuroscience Society http://cogneurosociety.org/ a bit smaller and focused more on aspects of cognitive and affective neuroscience related to larger social issues

International Neuroethics Society http://www.neuroethicssociety.org/

Society for Social Neuroscience https://s4sn.org/drupal/


John Hopkins Program in Ethics and Brain Sciences: http://www.bioethicsinstitute.org/web/page/642/sectionid/377/pagelevel/2/interior.asp

Dana Foundation http://www.dana.org/

MacArthur Foundation Research Network Law and Neuroscience http://www.lawneuro.org/

SFN News http://www.sfn.org/index.aspx?pagename=brainfactscontent

Textbooks on Neuroscience

Jamie Ward, The Student’s Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience

Watson & Breedlove, The Mind’s Machine

Banich, Cognitive Neuroscience

Gazzaniga et al. Cognitive Neuroscience

Textbooks – “wet” neuroscience that involves more microbiological issues

Bear et al. Neuroscience

Meyer and Quenzer Psychopharmacology


  • Cerebrum
  • New Scientist
  • Trends in Cognitive Sciences; Trends in Neurosciences
  • Scientific American Mind
  • Nature Reviews Neuroscience
  • Annual Reviews (Neuroscience, Psychology)


Neuroskeptic http://neuroskeptic.blogspot.com/

Neuron Culture (David Dobbs, Wired) http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/neuronculture/

Mind Hacks (Tom Stafford and co) http://mindhacks.com/

Neuroethics and Law (Adam Kolber) http://kolber.typepad.com/

Scicurious http://scientopia.org/blogs/scicurious/

Law and Biosciences http://blogs.law.stanford.edu/lawandbiosciences/

Neurocritic http://neurocritic.blogspot.com/

About Dean G. Blevins

Dr. Dean G. Blevins currently serves as Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Discipleship at Nazarene Theological Seminary. An ordained elder, Dean has ministered in diverse settings and currently also serves at the USA Regional Education Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene. A prolific author, Dr. Blevins recently co-wrote the textbook Discovering Discipleship and edits Didache: Faithful Teaching, a journal for Wesleyan Education.
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